Pixracer 15 and Servos on Plane help

I’m new to the Pixracer and I’m struggling to get my servos to do anything.
Pixracer 15 from mrobotics

I’m looking for info, ideas, things to try etc as I’m kind of at a roadblock with my current efforts

Trying to setup a glider for auto thermal.

I have the FRsky X4R setup and it is talking to QGround Control via the radio setup. If I move the radio sticks it shows movement on QGC radio screen. I calibrated.

I guess the main issue is trying to understand the power rail for the servos. I thought I could have the ESC provide voltage to the rail.

If I hook up a battery directly to the ESC I can measure 5VDC on a multi-meter on the red servo lead.so I know I have power from the ESC.

On the outputs on the Pixracer the Top Pins are all signal White, Middle Pins are all Red hot (5VDC VCC) and lower pins are all Ground.

I have no arming switch, I just use GPS LOCK to allow Arming and the GPS and PIXRACER have solid lights(Green on PixRacer)

Is there a default Arming of the Radio, I did not set one up.

What is the traditional pin out of Servos on Pixracer, I found the info below and not sure if that is correct as its for PIXhawk.

PIX has Channel 1-8 and so
Chanel 1 is normally for Aileron
Channel 2 is Elevator
Channel 3 is Throttle
Channel 4 is Rudder

Do I have to solder in a BEC and wire up all the servos individually with power and gound, which seems like a really sad solution to this issue?
Thanks is advance…Ed


There is no problem supplying power to the output rail of the PixRacer to power servos. Not that it matters here but the rail is isolated from the Flight Controller.

Thanks for that Dave, that is good info to know.

Thanks for the Reply Pete, can I view/change this within QGround Control or do I need mission planer?

I only see Analyze in QGC.

Ok, so I finally got things working, it was a combo of not knowing what to do and that I was using QGroundControl. I was not able to manipulate all of the required settings so I switched over to Mission Planner and was able to see what Pete was talking about and my various arming options. Once everything armed things starting falling into place. Thanks everyone…Ed

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