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Pixhawk Yaw spinning


(Max Owusu) #1


I’ve been trying to take my first flight, but I’m getting some weird behaviour. I’m using Qgroundcontrol version 3.4.4 and I have Ardupilot version 3.6.4 on my Pixhawk. My quad start spinning pretty rapidly in the “yaw” direction. I’ve calibrated my ESC’s multiple times, and that does not seem to do the trick. I’ve tried trimming on my remote, but that just makes two motors stop if I try to counter the spin. Does anyone know what I should do to fix this? Do I need to retune the PID or something like that? I added two .bin files of two flights that I had. I also added a schematic of the motor direction and layout of my quad. The numbers correspond to the motor input socket number of the pixhawk.

Here are the files:

Any help is appreciated.


(Mike Boland) #2

1st step, remove the trim you have on the rudder and recalibrate your radio.

The PH is not happy with the CW motors/props so you need to look closely at your physical setup.
Props on upside down?
Motor directions?
And have you set the frame class and type correctly in your parameters?

(Max Owusu) #3


I removed all the trims as you suggested, and recalibrated the radio and the ESC’s, but it didn’t make any difference unfortunately. It shouldn’t be a problem with the props. I’m using 2212-920 KV motors with 9450 props, they are self fastening props and can only go on the right way. The frame that I have is a S500. I set the frame class to: Quad, and the frame type to X. So that should also be correct to my understanding. Any other tips, or things that I should try? I added another .bin file from my latest test.

log_12_2019-1-11-18-35-14.bin (305.8 KB)