Pixhawk with M600?

Morning, just wondering if anyone has been able to use the pixhawk/arducopter fc on an dji M600 frame? That is remove the A3 and use pixhawk instead. I’ve done this with the S900 and it worked well.

Basically use the M600 frame, batteries, ESC and motors.


I know of one person who has done this and they have said it works great.

Thanks, Grant.

Thanks Grant, any chance he is on this forum or contactable? Many thanks

I’ve asked the gentleman to post in here.

Thanks, Grant.


Dear Jason, gmorph,

any news about this topic? I find it extremely interesting (M600 has a competitive price) but quite some hours I cannot find any reference of this conversion to pixhawk. I don’t know what to think about. Internet has plenty of references for S900 or S1000 flying on pixhawk.


NO update unfortunately … waiting for some advice from the guy who has done this

There’s no reason it shouldn’t work, so go for it :slight_smile:


We did a pixhawk conversion on a DJI Spreading Wings 900. It worked great and we were very happy with the result. However, I am not sure I’d do it with the M600. My hesitance is mostly based on ignorance. I don’t know if the features that make the M600 appealing are tied into the A3 controller or if they are independent. From what I’ve read, I am digging avoidance, battery management (if two batteries fail, it still works) and how it handles engine failures. In my opinion, these features make the M600 a viable commercial platform. Can you retain these features if you switch to a pixhawk?

Thank you all for all your input. The lack of information/posted experience and the possible loss of functionalities of M600 are a strong deterrence for me.

Therefore I am taking the S1000+. Now I have another doubt. I find online tons of examples of S1000+ working with Pixhawk, but not so many with Pixhawk 2.1. I assume that it is a matter of time. Does any of you have a bad experience or would suggest not to go for current model?


It’s the same thing with the added benefit of not needing vibration isolation with the Cube. Placement might be trickier, depending on how you want to setup things

I did a M600 Pixhawk 2.1 conversion. This is not easy to do. We did it based on some of customers needs. Here is a flight after tuning.

Hi, how do you wire the esc and led from the m600 to the pixhawk??


We are a business associated with the UAV industry. Unfortunately we do not provide free data as we are for profit company. We spent many hour on R&D to make this work for commercial sales to our customers. I know this is an open forum sharing ideas but this would not be the case for us with this product. We posted this activity to show that it has been done and can be done.

Thank you,

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Well can you say if you preserved some of the core capaiblies of the m600, like intelligence and battery failure?

Yes. One button battery power up. All batteries talk to each other. Low voltage RTH programmed in Pixhawk. Battery head gas tank circuit still operates with stock charger.

@skyveyor @malex_sky From previous DJI to Pixhawk conversions … the DJI ESC plugs straight into the pixhawk motor inputs.

I’ve had success with DJI E1200 propulsion system running with Pixhawk 2 Flight Controller. So I think this would be the same for the M600 propulsion system.

I would think you could strip out the lightbridge connection but still use the 2 2.4GHz antennas for the receive system (might have to modify the connectors). That should give you basic control of the M600.

Video and other bits and pieces is another story.

Not too complicated … just need time to do it.

The m600 is using a e2000 motor esc 1240x. But the esc has a totally different firmware from the off the shelf 1240x esc. It relies on the rs485 communication from the m600 a3 and the pwm to run the motor. Injecting pure pwm into the stock esc doesnt work. I tried using another a3 on the stock esc with the smart esc port still no luck. Even the a3 on the m600 isnt using a regular a3 firmware. Even the dji esc assistant doesnt recognise the esc…

WOW! This is nice. I k now you cannot you share some of the details? Can you share some general info such as were you able to utilize some of the M600 special functionality? I have not been sure if Pixhawk has the ability to fly with the loss of one battery and/or motor?

Also wondering if you have had any of the tuning problems that many of us have had with the PH 2.1 and big birds like the M600, S1000 for many of us? I am having trouble tuning the roll. Especially with a Ronin M gimbal on it.

Jim,I should have mentioned before.Tuning with a gimbal on is not advised in the wiki,Too much floppy for the FC to work with.Better a dumb weight of equal mass in a similar position and then autotune would be my mehtod.

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Thank you… we did figure that out and did a dummy weight, but only for manual tune. I may try an autotune now… but i am VERY nervous since it has about flipped twice now