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PixHawk Upload Firmware Error

(dixit dayani) #1

hi frds
my pixhawk 2.4.8 firmware upload problem ,and communication completely conncted but new firmware load eroor
below link is me pixhawk error video

(Dave) #2

You chose CubeBlack. It should be fmuv2.

(dixit dayani) #3

thnks for reply,
but i have load firmware this type popup and selsction i select in red line area this is write?/
and also i try different version but same error ,
below image attache
step in prosses

  1. download firmware
  2. heartbeat check
    3)scanning (at that time B/E led 2 sec on and after show error upload firmware)

(dixit dayani) #4

thnak for reply ,
attach this type selection but same error

(Khancyr) #5


you board is a Pixhawk1 not a cubeblack. Please chose either Pixhawk1 or fmuv2 target

(dixit dayani) #6

I can try to pixhawk1 selection but same error on sccennig ,and after show th popou error firmware upload problem.

See video this type

(Khancyr) #7

Mission planner still detect the board as cubeblack…
I am not used to mission planner, but manually upload the good firmware by downloading the
arducopter_with_bl.hex here :

(dixit dayani) #8

how to load this hax file

force boot load method ??
ya load manual method in autopilot,.

(Khancyr) #9

load custom firmware

(dixit dayani) #10

I can try to coustom firmware but still this problem…no load firmware same error

(dixit dayani) #11

load custom firmware and try but same error ,
any different method for directly load firmware ,just like hex file load a different boot loader

(Hari .P) #12

what options do you get in the drop down…

(dixit dayani) #13

i have choise PX4 BL FMU V2X

(dixit dayani) #14

(dixit dayani) #15

any one help for live testing , throuw Team viewer ,
i can my pc team viewer any body solve this problem

(Hari .P) #16

Have you tried another USB cable?

(Dave) #17

Go here and download the .apj file for the fmuv2:

Then select the com port the FC is on and use “load custom firmware” to select that .apj file you downloaded:

(dixit dayani) #18

shown in image
step by step i have process but same eroor , .

(dixit dayani) #19

yes , i try new usb cable and , second try another leptop , but same eroor

(Dave) #20

OK, then try QgroundControl choosing Ardupilot Flight stack and then Chibios 3.6.9.