Pixhawk + turnigy9x HELP

Hey guys, im building a f450 drone with 4 2212 brushless engine, 4200mah baterry, pixhawk, and a turnigy9x with a default receiver(yes it’s my first drone). When i plug in the ESC’s into the pixhawk and the RC slot of the pixhawk to my PPM slot of the receiver and i turn on, the buzzer make a noise but when i put the throttle all up, nothing happens. It seems like my RC are broken but its not. Can someone help me please? I just tried to search in youtube or some other blogs but i dont have an answer.

What happens in the radio calibration section? Do the bar-graph like things representing the RC channels all move with your sticks and switches?

Actually now my question it’s just if I need a ppm enconder to my rc, so it can connect with the px4. It seems like my rc it’s just sending 1 command like 1 channel and it’s supposed to work in ppm but I think it’s not working