Pixhawk Starting Too Late

Hello my pixhawk is beeping too late. I have seen many video on pixhawk , those pixhawk beeps the musical tone as soon as the battery is connected. But in my case the pixhawk is beeping the musical tones very very late. Please help me with this problem. I am also attaching a vidoe for your help so you can solve my problem faster. Thanks in advance

Video Link : https://youtu.be/roXq677SHaE

It looks fine to me. Maybe what you hear in other videos is the esc beeping.

No after the esc beeping the musical tone is very late. But in other videos the esc beeping and the musical tone is back to back. Is there any way to fix this.???

I don’t think you have a problem, it takes just few seconds to boot. But if you think you have a problem keep investigating. I can’t help any further because i do not see a problem.

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Thanks I also thing its not a problem . Its just a late boot up only. Thanks for your precious time

It is not late, it takes around 7 seconds and it is absolutely normal!!!

okay, thanks again for your time and reply. :wink: