Pixhawk sounds not being made on start up

Hi everyone I’ve just joined so I am after some help.
Just finished a pixhawk build it’s all working and flying.
But when I plug the battery in I don’t get the start up tone.
I get the tone for firmware up dated successfully sound

Any ideas what it could be.please help if you can…

Please, please help us and describe your hardware and your software versions. please. :slight_smile:

Hi it’s a first gen pixhawk and software version is
Copter 4.0.6 official set up as quadcopter.

Maybee you misconfigured some buzzer parameter or something. Can you reset all parameters and restart?

Just looked in parameters all looks good volume 100,%
It’s making all good sounds other than start up music sound.

Did you see: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-buzzer.html#silencing-the-buzzer

I did look at that it’s on 100*%
Like I said it makes sound but not that tone tune it makes on start up when you put battery to it.it makes arm sounds everything but the above

The sound it makes when I connect the lipo is the
Sound of firmware updated successfully

If you copy this link your hear it

Sorry it’s says new io software success loaded

Well I done a reset formatted this SD card .
Rerun the software onto pixhawk .and
got the same as before same same sound .
Io software successfully loaded .
So I don’t know what’s going on.
This time I done every step in mission planer.

Do you have a faulty button on either side of the Pixhawk, the little tiny ones for safety or loading firmware? Press them a few times with a pen or something, see if they feel like they are operating properly and not stuck in.
Or maybe unplug the wiring that includes the external safety switch.

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Hi Shawn if you look down from above the pixhawk the one on the right is to reset the pixhawk.
The one on the left I don’t have a clue what that will do.as for the main switch as soon as you start the pixhawk that flashes ready to arm ESC.

Without power applied, press them a few times and see if they feel OK. One of them forces the I/O firmware to be reloaded if held pressed during power up.
If the switch is faulty and staying operated (pressed) that would explain your sounds at powerup.

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Ok Shawn I will give it a go later today and let you know the out come