Pixhawk setting for Skywalker X8

Hello everyone,
I’m new to this forum and this is the first time that I have used a pixhawk to build a Skywalker X8 for long fpv flight.
I like to ask if anyone using a pixhawk with the skywalker has specific settings for the autopilot.
I want to make sure that all my settings in the software are correct befor I start my first long flight.

Thank you !!!

The latest Arduplane version is quite different from previous versions so I suggest to follow closely the Wiki instructions having first your X8 flying well in Manual mode then running the Autotune.

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new member here.
i have had a few builds but this is my first Pixhawk based build and like yourself i also have a Skywalker X8 but am totally overwhelmed by the amount of information.
never used the Ardupilot/plane platform ever, any directional insight would be awesome.

You didn’t notice there are in Mission planner ? In Complete parameters, the list in on the right …

Otherwise you could download from official ardupilot repository :

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thanks, yes you are right i did not notice that, thanks once again