Pixhawk safety switch does not function

When I calibrate ecs using Pixhawk and Misson Planner, safety switch doesn’t work. As you know, Calibrating ecs using rc controller have the step that make throttle stick up and turn on the controller. And then push the safety switch for a while. so the led pattern will be changed and be ready to calibrate. But in my case only led pattern was changed and pixhawk didn’t show the signal. what can i do for this situation?

I have never used the throttle stick to do a calibration.
Once my RC is calibrated I just press the ESC calibration button in Mission planner.
Pull the battery and USB. Power it up and when the ELDS flash on teh controller I press the safety switch.
IT works everytime…now this assumes I am using BlHeli32…but most ESCs are using that firmware these days.