Pixhawk Power Modules - Determining model numbers and features

As Pixhawk is manufactured by so many different vendors, I want to gain a better understanding on various power modules that one may receive when your purchase one from vendor A to Z.

Lets start with Mission planner:

  1. MP gives you following options for battery monitoring to select first:

a) What to Monitor
b) Sensor type
c) HW version (basically FC Type)

  1. Following are some of the power modules for example I have:


Most of these power boards have no labels to determine;

a) What the device can sensor
b) Sensor versions

Also, this is how the wires are powering the PixHawk

Questions are:

  1. How one is supposed to select the right options inside MP for battery monitoring?

  2. Are we suppose to reverse engineer each power module, check chips on the board, find their specs, figure out their capabilities and then cross reference that with MP options? “or” Just select other for Sensor type?