Pixhawk not working with battery power module

Hi everyone. I am having serious issues on setting up the pixhawk for the first time. I have followed all the steps on the initial setup wizard and I am able to configure the quadcopter fine with the USB but as soon as I plug in the battery and try to run the pixhawk on the power module, it is not powering up. I checked the voltage on the power module and I am only getting 1.3V so I think it might be an issue with it. I also noticed the main LED is not working any more after the firmware upgrade. Is it an issue with the board or did the power module burned the led? Any help you may provide me with is greatly appreciated.

If your only getting 1.3V out of your power module then there is your answer.
5.3V is what you should have.

The LED might be another matter.
Do you have anything else plugged in?
Have you configured any parameters?
It’s simple enough to reset the parameters and see if it starts working again.

Hi Mike. I only have the gps plugged in and the ESC. I also noticed something odd. Before, on the parameter list I was able to find the BLH settings but now they are gone. I tried flashing the Pixhawk to 3.4.6 and that got the main LED back again working but as soon as I plug it into ardupilot, it updates to the latest version and the main led stops working. Any ideas if it might be a faulty pixhawk board? It is not a 3DR original but one that I got from Amazon from Hobbypower. Thanks for the help provided.

That does not sound right. You must specifically tell Mission Planner, APM Planner 2 and qGroundControl to upgrade the firmware. I fact you have to select “flash firmware” before you connect either of these GCS applications to the flight controller.

What do you mean by “I plug it into ardupilot”?

Sorry I meant when connected to the mission planner. I have been working all evening with it and now I had some data logging error and compass issues. Changed the SD card to better one and it solved the issue. Also had problems with the arm specifically the bad compass and accelerometer. But had to run the calibration like 8 times until it fixed the issue. I will reorder the power module and see how it goes. I also updated the firmware but this time I said yes to the chibiOS and noticed that it showed on the full parameter list the BLHeli options for doing the passthrough. I’ll check that out tomorrow and keep you posted on any issues. Thanks for all the help provided.