Pixhawk not connecting to GPS

I need help to resolve two Pixhawk problems. This is my first build so likely something I did something wrong. The Quad has NEVER registered the GPS. Working with the sales company I got them to send me a replacement GPS which also does NOT connect. Mission Planner shows NO GPS. The system does ARM and the motors spin up. First flight resulted in a uncommanded fly up ending with crash, Looking at logs they all have exactly the same time stamp of 12-31-1979 18-00-00. Apparently the system log at each power cycle as I show 82 entries. The log files show only a vertical line of select data.
I expect the FC to have an internal clock or ie it totally dependent on GPS?

Equipment: Powerday DIY F450 Quadcopter
Pixhawk FC
Simonk 30A ESC
2212-920 Motor
Ovonic AIR 3000 mAh 3S 50C Battery

System time is fetched from GPS only, afaik.

Not 100% sure what you mean by this, but if you’re using Mission Planner to look at the logs, try unchecking the “Use Time” checkbox. I don’t know if it depends on the GPS time to graph properly.

I haven’t used a 7M module myself, but many of these modules come with cables meant for an APM. You might have to change cables or rearrange the connector pins to make it compatible with a Pixhawk. The GPS should connect to the serial port, and there should be a separate cable for the compass, which is I2C. Do you know if your compass works, at least?

Thank for the reply. Update; the GSP cable was the total problem. The Pixhawk has ground mapped to the pin opposite the red (*Vcc) pin (6). The M7 connector has only 5 pin and was the not seeing the ground. I modified GPS with a 6 wire cable/connector and it now works. The GPS being active does correct the logging problem too. Now have a time line in the data stream. To help me understand the log files I down loaded one from this site & was able view it with Mission Planner.

Could you show us a picture of Mission Planner flight data interface. So that we could see that’s happening

The main issues I had are solved by getting the GPS connected properly to the Pixhawk. As I stated the log file were useless as they had no time line. The event that got me in trouble was the Quad not responding to throttle in Stabilize mode. The quad would start a decent and increasing throttle had a delayed response. I guessing this is likely to still be in the system. Now I should have logs to help understanding what the machine is doing. Waiting for repair parts, a arm & leg :-), then next flight.

Okey, great! I thought you didn’t solve the problem.
Happy to know that. Let us know about your next flight :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


Stabilize flight mode does not use the GPS, so something else may also be happening. Also - have you disabled arming checks? if they were on mission planner would tell you that you weren’t receiving GPS