Pixhawk issue. Main LED not flashing, tunes not playing

I have purchased 3DR Pixhawk a few months ago but only now had the time to go through it.

When I initially connected it to my PC it showed PX4 FMU on device manager. I then had to install the firmware and I did, then I had to calibrate the accelerator and at the step where I had to put Pixhawk on its back I did and then pressed “Continue” but it wouldn’t move on, as Mission Planner stopped responding. So i pressed cancel. Afterwards I ejected the USB because I wanted to repeat the procedure to completion. However now I don’t get PX4 FMU device, but I get “STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port”. Plus I never get any tunes or the main led to blink after I power pixhawk through USB. I don’t get any readings on the various parameters from the board either. All were working prior (the board wasn’t calibrated though so I had to go through that).

What I tried (to no avail):

  • Formatted the sdcard supplied with the fc,
  • Replaced the sdcard with another one
  • Used chibios firmware
  • Reset IO ports by pressing the Reset IO button (both when powered on and unplugged)
  • Reset firmware by pressing the Reset FMU button (both when powered on and unplugged)

I have the external compass + GPS, FRSKY V8FR-II receiver, power module, buzzer, safety switch and telemetry receiver plugged in and working (most likely). I tested battery power too. The motors and ESCs are working, here still the board isn’t working, with results exactly the same as when plugged through USB.

At this point, I don’t know if I can proceed. I spent quite an amount of money and effort googling & searching on various forums on this for this to not be working and I would appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.