Pixhawk Flight Mode Six

I’m working on configuring the six modes in MP. I can select different options for Flight Modes 1-5, but number six does not give me the option to assign a flight mode to it. If there a configuration setting I need to change so I can assign a flight mode to it, or is there something special able Flight Mode 6, thus you cannot select an option for it?



If you are referring to plane then mode 6 is reserved for manual mode.

Yes, I am referring to Plane, and I suspected what you just confirmed. I can see the word ‘Manual’ in the box and shaded in a light grey. I thought Mode six might be reserved and you have confirmed it for me.



I have no use for Manual mode in plane and find it’s a waste of one of the six modes. However it’s possible to pull up the Full Parameter List in MP and reassign Mode 6 to whatever I want using the actual variable. This “forcing” has worked fine for me.

I’m new to the Pixhawk, but I thought I read you had to initialize the system in manual mode. If this is true, how do you initialize without manual mode?

I’m not sure what you mean by “initialize”. The Pixhawk does an initialization automatically on powerup. The mode doesn’t matter. Perhaps you are thinking of arming? But it doesn’t have to be in Manual to arm either. I usually arm in Stabilize or FBWA. In any case there seems to be no need to have a Manual mode as one of the six modes. Some will say it’s good to have it in case things go wrong and you need to take over full manual control to get out of trouble. There is wisdom in that but I prefer to take my chances and having more modes available.

I found the reference to Manual mode in the section called “Starting Up and Calibrating Plane” . Here is the link: http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/starting-up-and-calibrating-arduplane.html.

Regardless, if it is not needed, then I’ll take the opportunity to set a different Mode option. However, Manual mode is a non-selectable mode (e.g. Mode 6 in MP defaults to Manual. Is there a parameter I can change in order for me to select a different option?



Hello, I also was a bit irritated and confused with this issue.

I do not really understand why to block a mode, considering that not everyone will want to use it for the MANUAL mode.

I went to the parameter lists and changed it (FLTMODE6) manually to another mode (in my case 5, i.e. FBWA). However, the Flight Modes menu continues showing Manual and continues being blocked. That really confuses me. What should I believe, the parameter list or the Flight Mode form? (I hope the parameter list is the correct one).

I also tried to play around with the INITIAL_MODE, hopping, that something changes with the Flight MEnu, but well, probably that was expecting to much.

So, what can one do to unblock the Flight Mode 6 Menu?