Pixhawk Fails to arm

Hi all I’m a total newcomer to auducopter and I’m trying to setup a pixhawk, it fails to arm having two yellow flashes on the pixhawk, on the HUD it displays the message “preArm RC7 greater than trim” I have now idea how to fix this fault, there is also two green solid light and one blue flashing act on the pixhawk . The arm switch is pulsing three times. Any help is much appreciated, I have flashed the software a number of times without solving this problem

go to the full parameter list and change RC7_MIN to 1000, RC7_MAX to 2000 and RC7_TRIM to 1500. Its a bug with mission planners rc calibration. You will also have to do RC8 - RC16 i would guess

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Have followed your instructions👍 seems to be arming now.
When I powered up the pixhawk now the still get 2 flashing yellow lights with the message on the HUD saying failed pre arm switch, I guess that’s correct as if I now press the arm switch I get a flashing green light and when arm with the tx changes to solid green so that means good to take off?

yeah, that’s exactly right

Thanks for your help