Pixhawk, Dshot ESC, have to use AUX as MAINS, where can I connect a servo to use as a trigger?

Hi all,

I am flying a Tarot 690 frame hexacopter with BLHeli_S ESCs. In order to setup DSHOT I need to use the AUX ports as mains, so AUX1 to AUX6 are connected to the ESCs. I need to connect a trigger, a gripper. Can I use any of the 1-8 Mains for the servo triggering?

Sure. Set the SERVO1_FUNCTION to 10 (for main 1) and trigger it with a CHANx_OPT 8

Thanks a lot, I also need to power the rail on AUX6, if I understand right reading the docs?

You can power the rail on any output they are all common.