Pixhawk data real time download

Hello All,

Currently, I have view real-time data on the mission planner using the Mavlink protocol. I also want parallelly view and download these data in other software(like Labview).
Can it possible I download and view real-time data by using other software, if yes then How?

Write a plugin for labview that decodes mavlink data in real time.
Take a look at the code that pymavlink generates. That generated code decodes mavlink for you, then you just need to write it into labview.

Thank You Sir for your reply. So for that, we need other hardware.
or i just need to write the code in LabVIEW?
Can you guide me?

You need UART to USB converter

Because my Pixhawk mounts on the drone and i connected my laptop with the transmitter using a USB cable and viewing data in the mission planner.

  1. Use mavproxy to connect to the drone.
  2. use the mavproxy command “add udpout” to create a mavproxy output into mission planner
  3. start mission planner
  4. use a second mavproxy command “add udpout” to crease a second mavproxy output into labview
  5. use pymavlink to generate C++, or C, or Java, or C# code that you can use in you labview plugin
  6. Read a LOT about how mavlink works and how the messages are structured
  7. Start labview and load the plugin that you wrote in the previous step
  8. connect it to the second output of mavproxy.
  9. enjoy having real-time data on mission planner and labview simultaneously

Sorry i thougt that you are connected via USB on the ground and you want other physical connection with other pc

Sir I am new in this field. I little bit understand what you write.

Sir i am new, I even don’t know to use mavproxy. Today i download mavproxy and still trying how to use this and how can i give commands in mavproxy.
Please guide me on how i use this and how can i get pixhawk data on labview.
Can i read pixhawk data using VISA in labview?

What is VISA? is it an hardware card? No You do not need extra hardware. But you do need to read mavproxy and mavlink documentation.

NI - VISA is an API that provides a programming interface to control Ethernet/LXI, GPIB, serial, USB, PXI, and VXI instruments in National Instruments application development environments like LabVIEW.
In NI-VISA i define COM Port, Baudrate, Data bit etc…
Sir, please guide me on how can i use mavproxy ? I download mavproxy software but i dont know how to use this.

Thank You.