Pixhawk Cube + Here2 GPS, always solid red. Help?

My Here2 will flash red, then go solid red when I press the button. APM Arming fails on “GPS Lock”, yet when I look at the GPS status I have 12+ satellites connected and am getting a really accurate GPS reading. What gives? What does the red light mean?

How do you have the Here2 connected? GPS 1 or CAN bus?


This should give some hints for the LED colors and blinking. Solid red from here has to do with the SD card.

I have been looking all over for the documentation, thanks!

Also… There’s an SD card on the here2??? Time to read up I guess

GPS1, is there a benefit in using CAN?

No Sd card in the module but the LED’s indicate general conditions from the FC. So possibly a problem with that Sd card…

Supposedly CAN is a better protocol but it is kind of a pain to get working on stable version with the Here 2. Also if you recently bought your here 2 it comes set up for CAN mode, there is an internal switch that needs to be flipped from CAN to I2c in order for it to work on GPS1.

Well mine is definitely reporting GPS out of the box and plugged into GPS1 port on the pixhawk… it’s just that damn red light…

Did you flip the internal switch on the GPS puck?

No, I’ll take a look at that in a sec.

I’ve had issues similar to this if that switch isn’t flipped.