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Pixhawk connected but not getting parameters

(sami) #1

Hi all ,

I have Pixhawk flight control when I connect it to my laptop by cable using MP

it connect well but after the connection the MP try to get the parameters from the device but it couldn’t get it

the dialog of getting param not able to read the param . and keep on screen

the Firmware is arduplane But I don’t know what is the release

I need to get the parameters coz It has the final param setting , I don’t want to lose it .

after connection it show in the HUD the moving of the device , no problem in the device

, maybe there is any setting that prevent the MP from reading the param ??

maybe the parameters set in another programs such as tablet ( Tower , or other software ) dose it effect ?

any help please

(Hari .P) #2

Just try another DATA CABLE

(Tharindu) #3

yeah, the data cable could be the problem. But if all else fails, I think I read somewhere that the params are stored on the SD card, maybe they could be extracted from it?

(sami) #4

I try another cable not works
I try the same cable with another Pixhawk device it work

(sami) #5

there is no SD card used in the device ,

I just put in SD card when I connect with cable , when using telem I didn’t use SD card

Dose there any param that lock the device ?

(Tharindu) #6

No, not that I know of, let me poke about and see…

(sami) #7

I try to connect using QGC but the same happen as shown in the pic


I need that param coz it has all the tuning

(Tharindu) #8

The other pixhawk you tried on the same computer right? It could be a driver issue. Also check that the baud rate is 9600 when connecting. Also, have you tried to read the parameters over a telemetry (like wireless/ radio telemetry modules). It could work then. Also, try the “Auto” setting when connectiing (I’m suspecting this might be something to do with the connection settings).

Oh, and try re-installing mission planner.

Other than that, there is no “Lock” parameter .

Try connecting over telem (with SD inside)