Pixhawk Barometer Calibration

Hello All,

We have tested pixhawk on the ground level and I measured the altitude above the sea level. but altitude varies continuously.
In the second test, we have seen data when our drone fly but the altitude show only 4-5 meter but our drone hight more than 200 meters. This time I measure altitude above ground level.

Please sir help me how can I get the right value of altitude?

You need a proper GPS signal. Baro altitude is always relative to some almost arbitrary reference point. The drone reset the altitude while arming. Have you armed?

Sir i have test pixhawk on the ground. my drone has a height of approx 400 meters. but in the mission planner altitude shown as only 6 meters.

I have attached some images of the log data and mission planer screen.

on the mission planner is shown “Bad or No Terrain Data”
In the image red color shown altitude and green show pressure(pressure change according to height)

How can i armed pixhawk?

google for “how to arm arducopter” or read the arming the arducopter motors documentation .

Most of the arducopter altitude information is relative to the home location, and not absolute altitude. There are multiple altitudes is the ardupilot software, relative, absolute to mean sea level (AMSL), above ground level (AGL) and many more. Read the docs.