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Pixhawk "Bad Logging" with ChibiOS, works with NuttX?

(Sam Knight) #1

Hi, folks, I’m a new user, and new flyer, working on my first F550 hex clone with Pixhawk (white case), ArduCopter 3.6.1 Hexa. I’ve been bashing my head against the bench for the last several days chasing down a bad logging error on pre-arm with an occasional accompanying “No I/O thread heartbeat” message. I had been disabling it for testing until it was my last configuration error (I had bigger fish to fry, errorwise). I tried several SD chips that work in other devices, and bought a couple brand new ones tonight. None of those made a lick of difference, nor did any change I made to the the logging bitmask or logging backend settings. In desperation I decided to flash the firmware again to the pixhawk, and during the process accidentally clicked no on “Upload ChibiOS”. The firmware completed it’s flash, and I figured I’d try it out anyway. Started it up, and this time no logging warning. Armed up, throttles go, and we’re “flying” on the bench with no props. Can someone correct me if I am wrong but I believe what I did by accidentally denying ChibiOS was to load NuttX to the pixhawk? If that’s what I’ve done, it seems to have solved an issue plaguing me for the last three days. I powered everything down and pulled the card, and sure enough, I’ve got logs of my stationary flight. Have others run into this issue between ChibiOS and NuttX? In searching causes for this it seems like everyone says “try a new SD chip” and that works.

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(Sam Knight) #2

Coming back to this again, I had similar results with loading up 3.6.2 with ChibiOS vs NuttX. I get bad logging on ChibiOS and I’m logging fine on NuttX. I’m at a loss to find the issue. I’m on a White case Pixhawk “2.4.8”

(Webillo) #3

I confirm this happens, also with Copter 3.6.3 final dated 04-Dec-2018.

Among several controllers, I have a Micro Pix which only booted reliably and fully (and could fly) in ChiBios with two particular µSD no name cards (1GB and 2GB) in FAT, refusing to work with genuine cards (Kingston, SanDisk) and other no name cards of several sizes, and with all of them it boots fully all times in NuttX. Messages heard or seen in ChiBios are “Bad logging” or “No io thread heartbit”.

Moreover, of three 1GB µSD no name cards, externally identical, it works with just one of them, which shows more capacity:

This Micro Pix is chinese. I ordered two, and one of them is particularily critical; however, it seems that with those two particular µSD no name cards (1GB and 2GB) in FAT it boots completely all times. I haven’t tried those two in FAT32, but I tried this in other small ones and it didn’t work.

Other controllers I have don’t boot completely at times.

It is surprising that this is rarely reported. In ChiBios, switching to a genuine card, changing FAT<>FAT32, or changing LOG_FILE_BUFSIZE doesn’t work as far as I have seen. In NuttX, no problem.

(Andras Schaffer) #4

Not want to bash, but the “white” pixhawk clones are the worst possible quality controllers. It is possible that all the shortcuts that they made in create that board cause problems with faster chibios writing… I have some of them at home will try tonight.

(Webillo) #5


This is the Micro Pix I refer to. It uses 1mm pitch connectors.

As documented (I have not opened it): STM32F427, L3GD20H, LSM303D, MPU6000, MS6511.