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Pixhawk 2.4.8 hangs with solid yellow I/O Bootloader Mode LED

(Tom Freeman) #1

Have seen similar issues discussed but not this exactly. About 5-10 minutes after power up the “I/O Bootloader Mode” LED comes on solid yellow and pixhawk is no longer responsive to RC transmitter or Mission Planner. Requires a power cycle to become responsive again. The LED/hang behavior seems independent of how much interaction has occurred via RC or MP, or whether they are even connected.

I am running Ardupilot Rover Beta 3.5.0 rc1 (on ChibiOS) with a boat frame (which is needed for its multiple relay support). It would be helpful to know what exactly this LED indicates - e.g. failure of the bootloader ? …bootloader trying to reload firmware ? Should I be trying to re-install the bootloader ? Bug in ChibiOS or beta rover ? pixhawk h/w failure ?

All pointers welcome.


(Tom Freeman) #2

Just for the record, this turned out to be a pixhawk hardware failure/defect. I/O Bootloader Mode LED would come on a few minutes after power up (as if its rebooting - which maybe it was) but remained unresponsive till power cycled. Chinese vendor of inexpensive pixhawk (hobbypower on Amazon) replaced unit at no cost - nice.