Pixhawk bad logging error

I have recently bought pixhawk and installed new firmware 3.5.6 for my Quadcopter. I am getting bad logging error on arming.can anyone help me with this

That means ArduPilot isn’t being able to start a log. Try formatting your SD card.

Thanks for reply. I formated the sd card but no luck same error. I changed firmware to 3.4.5 but still bad logging error. Any more siggestion or if no fix can i fly without fixing this problem?

Are you certain you’re running 3.4.5 now? The pre-arming check for successful logging was only added as part of 3.5. Did you format the SD card with a FAT (DOS) filesystem?

Try a different SD card. I had some issues with a new “eBay special” Pixhawk that drove me nuts until I replaced the vendor supplied SD card.

Using new sd card worked :slight_smile: thanks

Great news!

Fly Safe.

i had a same problem but i fixed it …
just go to mission planner open full parameter list and make setting to its default…

@Akshay1 , Hi…
Thanks for your alternative, I had that such problem as well and i use your approach and it works for me well, much appreciate to you

@Akshay1, Thanks for your help. It worked.

I format by 0 my memory. Made new FAT partition and it work very good. I use Linux.