PixHawk as IMU data logger

Hi all,
I would need to use the PixHawk as data logger. In particular I would need to log IMU data at 500 Hz.
Is it possible? If yes, do you know how to do that?

Yes you can. take a look at batch data logging in this forum.
you will need missionplanner >=

Hi amilcarlucas,
thank you for your answer.

I could not find the Mission Planner version you suggested. The latest version available seems to be Should I need to re-compile it?

Thank you.

following your suggestion, it seems that I have to enable the parameter INS_LOG_BAT_CNT. But I could not find it when I connect the PixHawk (with ArduPlane firmware) to Mission Planner. Do you have any advice?

You will need to use master (get the source code from github and compile it yourself) for it.

But …If you can cope with jitter then you can just use the normal logging routines.

Should help geting you started. The MP version I told you is beta (it fixes a batch logging bug).
Google should help you download a beta version of MP.

Hi Alessandro,

I think you need firmware 3.6 dev for that parameter, I made the same and I have that parameter now