Pixhawk ArduCopter with Raspberry PI 3b+

Hi all
I have a pixhwak 2013 on which the firmware 1-1 4.0.0 (it was not possible to install another through the mission planner)
Physically, the board looks like this:
In the video of the tutorial, I noticed that a person put the firmware of a pixhawk 1, and on his physical module writes some version of “2.4.8”, unlike mine.
Unfortunately, when trying to get tired of the Pixhawk 1 platform, or the fmuv3 mission planner gives me the error “Error: Firmware Image is too Large for this Board” (Pixhawk 1-1 or FMUV2 is working, but I believe that they are not approach).
Head task:
Manage a pixhawk using remotely using a pavlink protocol and a WIFI network ( telemetry, camera ).
Here is the information that I used:


Flash Pixhawk1-1m
Download the .apj file from here and use the “load custom firmware” option in MP to flash it

I will try.
but I basically achieved the main goal)