Pixhawk/apm throttle issues

I am using pixhawk (or APM2.8 with 3.2.1 firmware) with 3.5 firmware.
When I arm my drone and push my throttle stick up my output channel pins for my quadcopter(plus) doesn’t receive an equal amount of throttle to all channels.
I am not using GPS as I am developing a drone for indoor purpose.
I am using 1400kv motors, 2200 mah battery whose 1 cell is now not working flysky ct-6b transmitter.
Please help

Each servo output has its own min/max parameters. They are called SERVO1_MAX SERVO1_MIN etc. They are automatically set for esc’s when you run the esc calibration. It sounds like you need to calibrate your escs.

I guess you could also mean your quad is wanting to flip on takeoff which is an entirely different issue. Since you didn’t upload a log, it’s impossible to say.

Thanks for reply
Yes my drone is getting unbalanced sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t take off
I have already calibrated my esc’s
What will these parameters do? I have a simonk 30Aesc

Hi, pixhawk with simonk esc are not fully compatibles, they have synchronization issues.
The Simonk esc require a battery with 2cells or 3cells

Does simonk esc have same problem with apm because i faced same issues with both Flight controllers and i have 3s battery from which 1 cell is damaged

yes, apm run the same software of pixhawk.
Better you change battery coz set a flight with a damage battery is dangerous

Yes i also thought that but i was just developing it first and then i was thinking to buy a new one but i am facing these problems so i didn’t purchased a new one. Buying new batteries will solve these problem?

better change the escs and also the battery

I recently changed the escs.
How much battery would be sufficient 3000mah or 5200mah?

Can you tell me pls the configuration of the drone and the size of it

F450 frame with landing gear
Pixhawk 2.4.6 without gps module
2200mah battery
1400kv motors x4
Simonk esc x4
Flysky ct 6b transmitter
And overall weight is below 1.5kgs i think so

Better 5200 mA battery, for the esc snd motors I advice you the tair gear

You mean the whole t air gear ie motors esc and props or only motors

esc,motors and props

That overall gear is costly i cannot afford that currently

Thanks, Dave 5200mah battery solves the problem but the drone is not throttling up straight ,it get some tilt and the goes up and I also purchased ublox m8n GPS with compass built in its compass is working but GPS is not working as its led is not going on
Can you help?

just do first the radio commander configuration on mission planner
setting, after this you must do the autotune, so it will adjust the

for autotune follow this:

for radio commander setting

can you send me pls the pics of the wiring of the gps?

2 wires from GPS
1 for compass and another one for GPS

i have 6 channel radio i cannot autotune i think