Pixhawk and Mateksys PDB compatibility

I purchased Mateksys micro PDB. I wish to know if it is compatible with Pixhawk.

To power up the Pixhawk, a 6-pin wire is used to connect the Pixhawk to the power module. In Mateksys PDB there is a 5V supply with only 2 pins, power and ground. So do I just remove the remaining 4 wires from the 6-pin connector and connect both of them? Is that a sensible way to power up the Pixhawk? and if this works, do I need to make any changes in the Mission Planner?

Two of the wires from a stock PM are 5.35v.Two are ground,and two are for the current monitoring.Twin wires are used for current handling.You can splice into a stock wire by doubling up those wires to your PDB.Check with the pinouts for your FC carefully or you can fry stuff.

You will not have any current monitoring using that power supply.

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