Pixhawk AC 3.6.9 vibration measurement

according to wiki we can measure vibration from IMU and VIBE parameters from logs.
but its a little bit confusing with logs from my hexacopter.

From IMU my vibrate is between -5 ~ -15 and its ok according to wiki.

but when check vibeZ its is very high and more than 15 .

i use this vibration damper and propellers are balanced

and finally log file

what should i do ?

An important source of Z vibration is propwash hitting arms, so it’s kinda ‘intrinsic’ to your frame and can be difficult to eliminate. You can try:

  1. Checking for stiff wires coupling vibration of frame into FC directly.
  2. Adding some weight to the FC, as most damping solutions are still too stiff for the typically very light flight controller.
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The z-axis is not acceptable because accelerometer clipping is occurring. If I recall correctly from your previous posts you are using a ball mount for the Flight Controller right? You can try replacing the balls on that mount with softer ones meant for camera vibration isolation. I did this on a FC mount and it worked very well. I used these:

The suggestion of adding some mass to the flight controller or the top mount plate is a good one also and an easy thing to try.

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Originally we just had IMU data, and then the VIBES was introduced so we could see what is coming out of the code. Explanation is here rather than me quoting a whole Wiki page.

The most important figures to look at is the VIBE/Clip.
If your accel’s are clipping then you have severe vibration problems.

Your X and Y IMU data looks OK but you have quite large Z vibrations from the IMU.
You can see here that you have Clipping 0 and 1, it almost looks like you southing hitting the FC vertically.
As mentioned above, make sure wires and other objects are not inducing vibration.
You ARE going to have altitude holding problems with this much Z vibration.

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Thanks Siqin Meng and Dave for sharing experience i will try them.
And thank you Mike Boland for clearing how VIBES are introduced