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Pixhawk AC 3.6.9 change in yaw while hover

(hosein gh) #1

how i can find the reason of yaw changing while my hexacopter is hovering.
if i stay hover and dont move my copter sometimes it change yaw about 15 degree and will back to last state.

log file

(hosein gh) #2

There is no one help me ?
Is this a compass issue?

(Mike Boland) #3

The one thing that jumps out at me is the tune.

It’s more a wonder that it is not all over the sky.
Compare your desired to actual in ATT

Have you autotune this craft?

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(curt carroll) #4

GPS could have been better. Only 7 sv count for the start of your flight.

(hosein gh) #5

Ops I completely forgot auto tune.
Thanks @mboland

(hosein gh) #6

Thank you @mtnsurveyor but I don’t think low satellite count is reason of yaw changing.