Pixhawk 4 Fmu B/E Led is blinking red

Hi all,

I have a Pixhawk 4 with latest arducopter flashed today. Looks like everything is working so far, not flying yet, but the fmu B/E led is blinking red.
Should I be worried?
With latest PX4 no B/E led was blinking.


on px4 is does not blink. and also older hardware like pixhawk2 b/e is not blinking, but stating an error usually.
thats why I am worried?
real error or bug in firmware related to Leds?

Das ist bei mir auch genau so.

I believe it’s a firmware issue. Blinking should be assigned to ACT, but was erroneously assigned to B/E. Check logs, If the logs are ok, nothing to worry about.

This seems to be the same problem with ArduPlane as well. In the latest firmware I see it as well. And also in AP3.9.5. @tridge : is this just a programming bug?

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