Pixhawk 4.0 with XFold 80A Motor and ESC

Working to set up a dodecahexacopter using XFold’s 80A ESCs and corresponding brushless motors. When trying to calibrate the ESCs, they only beep in the 1-second pattern. We cannot get anything different to happen. Looking for advice on what to do or what could be causing this issue. Trying to calibrate the ESCs because can’t get the motors to spin at all.

Can you show a picture of how the ESCs are connected to the flight controller and supply a paramater file.
Have you done the RC Calibration and all other mandatory calibrations ?
Is the safety switch connected? It could be said the safety switch actually makes a copter less safe, so probably a good idea to disconnect it and set:
depending on your firmware version

This is my preferred ESC calibration method:

We figured it out, just had the pixhawk plugged into the wrong 3-pin connector on the ESC. I has one for the fan and one for PWM.