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Pixhawk 2 to AirbotPower Module?

(Robert Giordano) #1

I have a home built quadcopter running Pixhawk 1 and I want to upgrade it to Pixhawk 2. My quad uses the AirbotPower Module ( and I’d like to continue using it.

The AirbotPower board uses a 6-pin DF13 cable to connect to the power port on the Pixhawk 1. My Pixhawk 2 came with a new style power cable that has a 6-pin DF13 connector on the other end. I’d like to know if I can use this cable as it is. Can someone verify the wiring? I don’t want to blow up my brand new Pixhawk 2.



(Hunt0r) #2

This post has a pinout diagram for the PixHawk 2: Telemetry Wiring

(Hugues) #3

The Airbotpower port (DF13 6 pos) is identical to the wiring order of the Pixhawk2 power port. You just need to have a 6 wire straight cable with a DF13 on one end (Airbotpower side) and a JST GH on the other end (Pixhawk2 side).