Pixhawk 2 configuration from factory is inverted

It’s come to my attention that the Pixhawk2.1 from the factory does not come with default settings. this means AFAIK

BRD_IMU_TARGTEMP = 0 # (? is 60 or should be reset to 60)

This means it does work OOB for first time users. Any idea how we can alleviate a bad configuration, especially temperature. AHRS_ORIENTATION is easily visible.

see Accel calibrate needs orientation setting for Pixhawk2.1 as it is pitch180 by default

Board temp should be 60 when it arrives, but is worth checking :slight_smile:

so if you have noticed your AHRS is inverted… that is intentional!

The idea is, that if you do not know how to fix it, you will ask questions, and that may lead you to the wiki, or here :slight_smile:

so… first, please update your firmware to latest release…

then follow the wiki for setting up your vehicle.

Are there any other “gotcha’s” with this board we should know about?

A word on the battery monitor, especially with the stated intent of getting new users to learn, why solder XT60’s directly to the board?
Whats wrong with pigtails?
As these connectors are limited to 60A I now have to unsolder them or toss them.
2 more plugs in the main power supply is a novice thing to do.
So it seems counter intuitive to do that.

All said constructively, as I am looking forward to using Pixhawk2 as a standard build unit.

Pigtails are a point of failure.

And these modules are only rated at 30A continuously so A 60 A connector is plenty.

The XT-60 is now the psudo industry default at this power level.

Even if we had pigtails, you would have needed to desolder the connectors to put your custom ones on.

If you need higher than 30A continuous please use the Mauch units, they are available to suite

Thanks @proficnc, you saved me looking up the Amp value, as I have just started working with PH2.1 on the bench.

At 30A I see why you have used the XT60’s and would agree that they are now a sudo standard, I use them on all the small stuff.

Fortunately I have some Mauch units in stock and will be using them.

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