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Pixhawk 2.4.8 not entering into esc calibration mode

(hkk26) #1

Unable to find the esc calibration setting in APM planner 2.0.26 version.
And i’m trying to calibrate pixhack 2.4.8 using this method

It seems, Pixhawk not entering into esc calibration mode. there are no motor detection beep sound after

  1. connecting
  2. disconnecting
  3. connecting to power source

All esc are working find when i try to connect them RC receiver

(hosein gh) #2

Hi @hkk26
to entering ESC calibration :
1-turn on transmitter and put throttle stick at high position
2-connect battery to FC
3-remove battery
4-connect battery to FC again
5-now push safety button
6-after long beep sound put throttle stick to low position
7-ESC calibration is now finished