Pixhawk 2.4.8 not entering into esc calibration mode

Unable to find the esc calibration setting in APM planner 2.0.26 version.
And i’m trying to calibrate pixhack 2.4.8 using this method

It seems, Pixhawk not entering into esc calibration mode. there are no motor detection beep sound after

  1. connecting
  2. disconnecting
  3. connecting to power source

All esc are working find when i try to connect them RC receiver

Hi @hkk26
to entering ESC calibration :
1-turn on transmitter and put throttle stick at high position
2-connect battery to FC
3-remove battery
4-connect battery to FC again
5-now push safety button
6-after long beep sound put throttle stick to low position
7-ESC calibration is now finished

Hi hosein

I followed the above instructions. it’s bit wired, Pixhawk enters into calibration mode without beep sound.

My drone is tilting while take off.

Any suggestion

What is your ESCs ?
And do you can send a video of whats happening

Here is the link

That’s almost always a result of either the wrong motor order or wrong proper directions.

Note: Those motors are a poor choice for a multirotor. Collet prop adapters are bad news. Those cheap generic ESC’s are a poor choice also.

I have used http://ardupilot.org/copter/_images/motororder-quad-x-2d.png this connection

a2212/13t 1000kv motors
I don’t have any model information about esc

I used this config on a quad and works ok but not good !
But you must dont have ESC calibration problem
Do you calibrated your radio in mission planner ?

Also always remove propellers while esc calibration

That’s the right motor order just double check you have them connected to the right outputs. use the Motor test function in Mission Planner to confirm this.

It’s foolish to power up a quad indoors like that with the props on.

And this is an example of what not to buy for a quadcopter build:


yes, I got the same configuration


This is the propeller connections

m1 -> CounterClockwise -> pin1
m3 -> CounterClockwise -> pin2
m2 ->Clockwise -> pin3
m4 -> Clockwise -> pin4

That’s incorrect.
M1>Output 1 CCW
M2> Output 2 CCW
M3> Output 3 CW
M4> Output 4 CW

If you would have run the Motor Test you would have seen this problem before breaking parts on your craft.I suggest you fix this and then run the Motor test (props off obvioulsy) rather than take my word for it.

I labelled wrongly, I meant the same configuration as you mentioned

M1>Output 1 CCW
M2> Output 2 CCW
M3> Output 3 CW
M4> Output 4 CW

I labelled motors counter clockwise and named as m1,m2,m3,m4

Run the Motor Test and confirm it’s right.

Yes, They are m1,m2 --> rotating in CCW and m3,m4 --> rotating in CW

From Mission Planner Motor Test you have confirmed this?

I have selected x/y6A

That’s not what I’m asking you to do. Can you run Mission Planner? Not APM Planner. Mission Planner Motor Test will confirm the actual order and rotation direction by spinning the motors slowly in an order.

I don’t Idea on this let me do some research on this, Thank you for your input

You can run mission planner on ubuntu with mono or wine

Also now i seen your video with sound your esc calibration is true and your escs are now calibrated

If you cant use motor test with mission planner try to arm and disarm copter in stabilize mode and check motor rotation manually

Also i think you have problem with your radio control
In calibration mode your motors must react to throttle stick even at low position but in your video there is no any action while you rised it near center