Pixhawk 2.1 Trouble Connecting

I am having a very difficult time connecting my new pixhawk 2.1 to MP.

It worked before.
Now I can’t get MP to recognize it in the Com Port 3.
I’ve reinstalled MP. Tried APM Planner, QGC, SD card reformatting, removed the drivers a million times, and cannot figure out the issue.
I am trying to reflash the Hexacopter firmware to the controller to no avail.

Running on Windows 10.

Any Ideas?

Any ardu hardware is very very touchy, in my experience, with the USB cables. First many laptops do not supply enough power at the USB connector. You might need a powered USB hub to get enough. I have gone through a dozen USB cables and it does make a difference. The ones that have worked the best for me have a choke, a rubber bump, in the cable. So try another cable. I know it can be infuriating.

I have some power related issues with to many peripherals drawing power to safely flash firmware sometimes. If you power the Pixhawk through the power port first then connect the USB cable you should find this more stable and a work around to any low power USB port problems. (Make sure there isn’t a chance of motors spinning if you have any connected when doing firmware uploads this way).

mike, Thanks! I was able to flash the firmware. However, now I am not getting any power to my GPS or my RX. Any ideas there?

@Wyatt_Robbins is that when powered via USB or through the power port?