Pixhawk 2.1 Servo output

Hey guys,

I am testing the RCXX_FUNCTION outputs with 2 Servos on my desk. The weird thing is that the first Servo (connected to any MAIN OUT) does only respond while the second one is plugged in one of the AUX OUT channels. Connecting only one or both Servos to the MAIN OUT nothing happens. What could be the reason for that?

I already did a reset of the full parameter list in the Mission Planner configuration to avoid any influence by some other parameters. Besides that I have tried some different channel allocations and Servos.

Thanks for your support!

Samu, I may be asking dumb question and I’m certain you have all bases covered but are you feeding power via uBEC to our flight controller? I recently have been setting up my quadplane and completely forgot my ESC’s did not provide BEC power. Therefore all my controls were not operating. Once I fed BEC power, I was good to go. I’m currently using 3.8 build 6. My specific condition is for an Octo QuadPlane which uses close to all the servo rails on my Pixhawk.

Hope that helps.

Hi Alexander,

thanks for your fast reply!
The BEC power was provided. After connecting all Servos to the Pixhawk and doing the final setup while ignoring the failure, everything works fine. I really do not know what the problem was :smiley:

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