Pixhawk 2.1 pinout doc need to be on the Pixhawk 2.1 page

This pinout diagram, if correct, needs to be on this page:
It does not appear to be on the Proficnc site or anywhere else I could find on the web.


Do you know the pinout for SBUSo y CONS connections?

The SPKT port pinout appears to be incorrect. Pin #1 (denoted by red dot) is the signal pin, Pin #2 is ground, and Pin #3 is 3.3v.

I have looked through image results for Spektrum remote receiver pinouts, and not found any that match the above pinout for SPKT.
Additionally, I just probed my own Pixhawk 2.1, and found Pin #1 to be ~2V (indicative of signal RMS), and Pin #3 to be 3.3V relative to Pin #2.

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holy CRAP. THANK YOU FOR THIS. I’ve been searching all over for a pinout diagram. It’s incredible how poorly documented the pixhawk is.

The full pinout for this controller is in its manual below as well as on the cubepilot docs page




You can find the details about pinout right here:


I have F450 with mini pixhawk v.1 with FS-IA10B. Do you have proper wiring diagram pleas?

This one?