Pixhawk 2.1 Dual gps Here Gnss

Hi all,
pixhawk 2.1 just arrived with two here gnss receivers.
i was trying to make dual gps work but only one gps leds are blinking and second gps is idle.
i used modified gps2 cable for second gps
i tried all firmwares beta, dev stable, master all of them.
nothing seems to make them work simultaneously.
anyone could help me out ?

I am very new to this system but as I understood it, one unit will be operating in base mode and the other in
rover mode. They may not be interchangeable?
Keen to hear what happens with this though.

From the Pixhawk website…
1 x Here+ RTK Base GPS and USB Connector
1 x Here+ RTK Rover GPS
1 x GPS1 port connector for connecting Here+ Rover to Pixhawk2”

I have been having some issues inderstanding how to setup the Here GNSS with pixhawk2.
Once the GNSS is connected to the pixhawk, the side LEDs are bliking yellow whilst the start butting is blinking red.
I am trying to get a lock on QGroundControl, but for the moment I am unable to achieve this.
Is there something obvious I am missing ?

@gpldecha Calibrate the sensors first then only you will be able to get lock of GNSS and that only in open enviornment.

Hi Mdlski,

Did you able to get the dual GPS to work?

dual gps works you just need to cut the i2c wires from here gps

hi, can you explain me how you did it, i have the same issue, i also ordered the cables for the second gps, thanks a lot

@Mdlski Hi I need to know how to setup dual GPS in pixhawk 2. Actually am in designing level of skywalker x8 for mapping application. I thought to put HERE GNSS and Piksi multi in this picture. Please tell me will this combination works or not ? Also suggest me with better option for dual GPS.

Split the wires. Meaning. Cut then solder the two into one?

This is a bit of an older thread, but the gist is one GPS for each port on the carrier board for the Cube. Swap the cable that came with the Cube kit in on the second GPS to get the correct pin count. The safety switch will only work on the GPS1 GPS.

One other note is that the same model number GPS module should be used to avoid scaling issues.