Pixhack v5 cable kit?

Hey everyone. Does the Pixhack v5 include any cables? What connector type does it use? Thanks!

Mine arrived with a bag of various cables. JST-GH, except for the power modules which use a larger Clik-Mate connector (as per the Cube carrier).


Example of the kit


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So it comes with both an XSR and a GPS?


It’s not a FrSky XSR, it’s a wifi telemetry radio :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info! It’s 2.4ghz?

Look here


2.4GHz wifi

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The GPS does not come with the production versions unless you order it that way.

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it does on that kit I linked @ChrisOlson

Yes, some kits package it, some don’t. Just so people are aware of that. Some people want to use the RTK version, which is also purchased separately. So they don’t include a regular GPS with it. I had a customer that ordered a V5 and when it came he was surprised to learn it had no GPS with it. That’s why I mentioned it.

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