Pitch axis offset by rc input

Hi All.
i’m working on a project which is a quadcopter with automatic drift forward.
The project will use a simple radio, therefore i’d like to program the offset into arducopter.
I’ve been trying trying to find a solution using the existing parameters but couldn’t find out how to do it.

Is there any way to use RC input 6 or 7 to enable a pitch axis offset of “n” degrees?
Similar to adding subtrim on channel 2 on the radio to make the drone pitch forward when sticks are center.

Any help on this is highly appreciated


Have you tried tilting the copter and calibrating that as level?

You mean like the Parrot Swing on Airplane mode

What Mike suggests or enter positive values for INS_ACCOFF_X for all IMU’s. But what may happen is you will get EKF errors. Why can’t you do this with a Transmitter mix?

“Parrot Swing on Airplane mode”? Huh?

yes indeed, something similar to parrot swing mixing.

I’m looking for a way to have the drift feature controlled by switch, allowing for it to be turned off.
Similar to PID tuning by rc input

Set it up in your transmitter.
For what you want it would be easier and safer to add a pot to your pitch control.
Very simple to do, so it can vary the actual position of the stick.
Could also be done with a switch for set limits.
Seems it would time better spent than trying to rework the code that has been so meticulously designed to stop just what you want it to do.