Pitch autotune help A plane request to @Andrew Tridgewell

I love and Ardupilot and have done for a long time and the work yourself,Randy and the rest of the Devs do is truly awesome, unfortunately the one thing I struggle with is doing the autotune on a plane,I can do the roll one very easy but O my god doing the pitch one is my worst dream from hell,I dont no how but any way of making these easier for me,many thanks


I think it is easier to reach him this way @MartyMcFly

Anyway you should send tons of detail about your Hardware setup, firmware version and post some logs.

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Hi Bruno,thank you for your reply,I can do auto tune on my copters o/k,and the roll on a plane,but unfortunately im scared when I do the pitch auto tune on plane it is probably something I need to just over come,but Trigge can work magic with Ardupilot so maybe he will be kind to me.

Autotune is based on rate, not deflection. So as long as you move the pitch back and forth quickly you should be okay. The plane doesn’t need to get into a dive, and you don’t need to hold it. Just keep moving the stick quickly. You don’t even need to to full travel on the stick.

There’s a note in the wiki that you can tune in Auto mode as long as stick mixing is on. Maybe try that if the plane is already flying good enough. Set up a track to follow around, that way when you return the stick to neutral the plane will come back to a known attitude and course.


Thank you Allister,you come to the rescue,I thought you had to go full ynto a nose dive the full nose climb,ive renamed you International rescue,you and you family have a great xmas


Thanks Marty! Very kind words.

Here’s a video of Bonafiedpirate doing a tune of aT1-ranger. The link should start at the tune, but if not it’s at ~24:40. You’ll see it’s not very exciting at all.

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Thank’s Allister,I did similar but more aggressive on the angles,will try again next nice flying day and I read the wiki and no I must do at least 20 aileron or pitch stick moves to do a complete tune,will try pitch with out my bravery tablets lol

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If you’re getting telemetry messages through Yaapu or MP/QGC then you’ll see the PID values as they are recorded. Keep going until you get a message that says pitch or roll is done. I’ve only done a couple with this “newer” autotune but they’ve all gone pretty quick. It will be somewhere around 20 movements/axis but you will be able to see the progress.

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Hi Allister,went out today with my Heewing VTOL and did the tune again it was not to bad just I have a fear/very uncomfortable feeling doing the pitch tune nothing else fazes me when flying so cant understand this,yes I have yaapu/RFD and that is awesome as is Ardupilot and all you guys that help the like of me,thank you from the bottom of my heart

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