PingRX compatibility with cube and 3.7

I’m trying to get the PingRX working on a cube running the latest master (3.7) with the latest beta of MP. I have the PingRX hooked up to the Cons (serial 5) port, and powered off of the servo rail from an external 5v BEC. I’ve set it up in MP as specified in the wiki. I’ve successfully connected a PingRX last summer on a cube running 3.5 on the telem2 port.

Is anyone running a PingRX or Ping2020 with the latest master on a different serial port? Is there anything I need to to in MP to get the nearest aircraft to display on the map? I know some aircraft are in the are as I checked on flightradar24.

You can use MP’s MAVLink inspector (found in the Ctrl-F menu) to see if you are getting data from the Ping. It should show up as an ADS-B message in the flight controller status, as well as a separate heartbeat from the Ping itself as component ID 156.

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Got it working today! Thanks for the tip.