Ping 1090 Transmission Issue

Hi ArduFam

I, have one unit each of Ping 1090i and one unit of Ping Rx (1090/UAT). I have configured both with Arducopter 4.0.3 based Pixhawk boards and are able to successfully receive the position reports from the surrounding aircrafts in our area on the Mission Planner GCS. I now need to check the transmitted position info from my Ping1090 transceiver on the Ping Rx receiver on it’s respective connected GCS (Mission Planner). Though I am able to see positions from other large aircrafts, I am not able to see the position from our other Ping 1090i transceiver. Please suggest a method/steps how I can test the transmission from Ping 1090i transceiver.

For configuration of Ping 1090 module, I have done it by means of Pixhawk itself. I don’t have the ping programmer. I have set the appropriate call sign and ICAO id, alongwith the type set to Rx and Rx enabled, ensured GPS fix as well. For Vso the default value being 1 knots as per support documentation, is the only param I am unable to configure via Pixhawk. But we have ensured I am flying way beyond the Vso, my cruise speed is 24knots. Is there also any minimum height only after which it starts transmitting? Or is there any other setting/parameter I am missing.

Kindly suggest a method/steps how we can test the transmission from Ping 1090i transceiver.

Maybee you are missing some features that are present in ArduPilot github master version, but not in ArduCopter 4.0.3.
Can you compile, and upload the latest master to test that?

ok I will give it a try and get back to you.