Piksi Multi GNSS module - SBAS status gives "No fix" flag

Hi everybody,

First of all, let me give you the setup:

  • Cube (ArduCopter 3.6.10)
  • Piksi Multi (2.3.19)
  • SBAS enabled (in Piksi Multi parameters)

I noticed that a while after booting, the drone would go from “3D Fix” to “No Fix” in Mavlink.

When checking online, I discovered that other people seemed to have met a similar issue.

I checked the Piski Multi status directly via the Swift console and saw that it had satellites reception and a “SBAS” status.

Therefore, I tried to disable the SBAS reception in the Piksi Multi parameters. I no longer get this “No Fix” status from ArduCopter.

My guess is that ArduCopter currently doesn’t recognize the “SBAS” status from the Piksi Multi and then gives a “No Fix” status by default.

Shouldn’t it give the “DGPS” flag (4) in such case ?

I don’t think so because SBAS is a satellite based correction. Just guessing though.