PIDA / PIDS information on TLOG

Hello to everybody,

I’m trying to drive a vehicle based on a pendulum, controlled for navigation by a Pixhawk 2.1 and the Ardurover 4.0.

For the stabilization of the periodic pendulum oscillations I intend to use an external processor programmed with an algorithm based on the real-time PIDS and PIDA information, produced inside the Pixhawk and already recorded in the SD binary log (…and maybe also some other parameters to be defined during the test).

To route the PID information to the external algorithm I thought to use the TLOG channel through the Mavproxy present in the connected RPI. From the documentation I haven’t found if/how the PID information can be accessible from (or streamed to) the telemetry, so my problem is:

There is any way to access from Dronekit (or any other library) and in real time the PID information?
Or, there are other techniques to access those information?

Thank You in advance.

sounds like a interesting vehicle, we do support balance bots maybe this is not exactly that?

You can get live PID info back over mavlink using the GCS_PID_MASK parameter.

Thank You Peter for the ultraquick answer!! I’ll try soon as possible.
The vehicle is composed by two completely sealed wheels joined by an axe, containing one trademarked pendulum each. The system is instable if directly driven by the Ardurover, for this reason we will make use of the external processor obtaining what we call… “ArduPendulum” :slight_smile: .
Thanks for your job.