PID tuning on heavy 100kg octo-coax copter

Hi everyone, i need help from someone in terms of setting the PIDs correctly for my drone. I managed to fly with standard PIDs in stabilize mode but it was really bad. Thanks in advance. I changed some of the initial params but generally they remain the same.

Log File

This is a screenshot of the current PIDs.

Yes, tuning is very bad. But the thrust/weight is much too low also and no battery logging. I would deal with those before further tuning.

Hi and thank you for answering, what do you mean by thrust/weight too low? Also where would you start with tunning PIDs?

It’s underpowered/overweight. The average motor output is ~1800us. It should be close to 1500 at hover.

So, that has to be addressed. Add battery logging or these don’t function:
Do you really have a 4S battery on this craft as these values suggest?
And configure the Dynamic Notch Filter.
Then start tuning.

Ok i understand that. No i have big 2 14s batteries so i can run those strong engines. How should i configure Dynamic Notch Filter?

OK, then set those 2 parameters back to 0 until you have battery voltage logging.

By following the Wiki guides.
Dynamic Notch Filter
Use Throttle based Notch:
Throttle based Notch
The first step is to set INS_LOG_BAT_MASK to 1 and make a hover flight in AltHold for a minute or so.

But, once you fix the the thrust/weight issue you will have to do this and tuning over again.

I am afraid to engage alt hold mode with so bad PID tunning. What do you think?

So when in Initial Parameter Setup i write under the Battery Cell Count 14 the new calculated Initial Params are 58,8v for MOT_BAT_VOLT_MAX but that is out of range because it goes up to 53v in full param list. I enabled both harmonic notch filters and set both MOT_BAT_VOLT to 0. Will try to fly again.

Write it anyway, those are just suggested Max values that don’t always apply. But anyway w/o battery logging they do nothing so ser them both to 0 until you do have battery logging.

Hello, so i managed to do a flight with LOG_BIT_MASK SET TO 1.

This is log file Log file

Hope you can see results in temp/FFT graphs.

All I continue to see is an underpowered/overweight craft. I don’t see the point in tuning this until that is corrected.

I cant handle that, its the way it is. How can i configure now frequencies from the FFT graphs?

That’s like saying your car is almost out of gas but that’s the way it is.

The 1st harmonic is at 54Hz. Follow the Wiki for Throttle based Notch configuration.