PID tuning not successful


I have noticed that the target rate and the actual rate are supposed to get closer as the tuning is going forward. but it did not happen on my case. what did I do wrong? I really appreciate if anyone can tell me how much should I change the PID in the case.

try autotune with the “latest” firmware…Tridge recently changed the algorithm…
-4.0 Stable uses the old classic autotune that usually produced safe but not optimum tunes
-4.1 Beta has a new algorithm with much better optimization, but has issues in some planes
-current master (“latest” firmware) has many improvements to even the current beta release

thank you henry,

can you take a look of this version info “ArduPlane V4.1.0dev (6f3e3a91)”. is this V4.1 beta6? does dev means beta?

No, dev does not mean Beta. The latest beta for plane is 4. Mission planner should give you the option to select beta versions and you can flash that.

thank you for the answers.

Im sorry. this is confusing to me. what is difference between dev and beta? how can tell the number of beta when download ing the firmwares.

I’m sure somebody here can give a better answer, but dev is short for development. Dev versions come before Beta so they will be less finished. And they are changed more often so it’s harder to keep track of what dev version you’re on.

When you select beta versions in MP it will give you the latest beta version. Or you can manually selected it if you want but I just used MP To give me the most recent.

dev is the label for the master branch which gets changes daily…it gets built several times a day is available under as “latest”…you can also load it in MP by choosing ALL OPTIONS on the firmware page…

beta is a pre-release and is updated during the rollout to a stable release with fixes as bugs are discovered during wide area flight testing by users…usually the fixes are non-critical…reading the release notes can give you an idea of the progression and what fixes have occured

stable is the stable release…

any of these can have bugs, but before any change is made to master it gets tested extensively

I fly master (“latest”) almost exclusively…

@xixijoe that commit (6f3e3a91) was made into master branch yesterday…the current plane beta has the improved autotune, but either one has it

Thank you so much for your answers.

Here are something I have tried. can you check the red underscore on the photos.

using MP to have beta updated like this photo showes?

I have tried updating it by MP with the beta click. but it did not show Beta as the photo below.
2021-07-29 204729

So dev is less finished than beta. how about the one showes the date on the photo?
2021-07-29 205530

I think I understand it now. I guess I was influenced by Inav for fireware updating. Inav needs full erase and reload all the param again. I did not know the apj is an update without erasing the params. and another time I am being careless that I did not read

when you said release note what page can I read it?
when you say mast branch, is it this link?

thank you henry :grinning:

You’re in the wrong page. You are on the “install firmware legacy” and you should just be using “install firmware”. The tab right above the one you’re on.

In that directory is a folder “latest” that is the master daily build…

download it for the board you are using…select load custom firmware in MP firmware screen and load it

In case your brain is not already smoking you can also simply press Ctrl>Q from the Install Firmware Screen and it will load the latest -Dev version :smiley:

OK understood,thank you.

crtl+Q. thank you Dave