PID tuning for heavy quadcopter

I want set Pid Parameters, my Quadcopter is heavy, it Octa qua frame about 12kg and 24" props. motor is 250kw and 6s.
Someone has an example setting Pid for heavy Quadcopter ?
Please tell me if you have any experience,
Thanks Dev team.

Heavy or light, the guide applies to all.

thanksa a lot amilcarlucas, read it, but i have problem, last flight i crashed :cry: .
i don’t know that it is for Pid Parameters or Loiter mode.
maybe the problem is Loiter mode beacuse The vehicle itself goes around after start flight.
you know it cuase?

Stay in Stabilize or altitude hold until you are more confident in the tune. Loiter requires a decent tune before it is safe to use.

If the copter is swinging in a circle around a fixed point (toilet-bowling) in loiter the problem is likely due to issue with heading. Maybe check your compasses.

thanks for your suggestion

Post a link to the .bin flight log file from the flight controller.