PID tuning for different size of uav


I’m wondering if anyone has any tip of how to proceed when tuning a larger UAV compared to a smaller UAV. Say I have one ‘small’ UAV with a PID setting which works well.
I now want to tune a UAV which is double in physical size. Should I then increase the PID parameters or decrease them to get a decent ‘start’ of the tuning procedure?

Thankful for any help.

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I’m over simplifying things, but generally, it has to do with how much force is required to move the vehicle around an axis… Copter size and motor power both play a role.
So, generally, a smaller copter will need smaller PID’s as it doesn’t take as much force to get it to move.
Then also, more powerful motors need smaller PID’s.
More mass or weaker motors need higher PID’s.

I find 6" prop and smaller copters are generally around .03-.08.
8-15" prop copters have worked well around the default PID’s… .1-.16.
I don’t have anything bigger… but maybe higher from there.

Also, the gyro and D term filter settings make a big difference. I use 80hz gyro and 40 Dterm for my small copters. ~20 for 8-15" prop copters. And I read people using larger copters generally put the filters at about 10hz.