PID Quadcopter INDOOR (non gps)

hello everyone, I want to ask for help again from friends in this forum.

I have made a quadcopter X drone, with a prop size of 9545, after I tried to fly the drone indoors (badminton court). and try to find the stability of the drone. then when i leave the remote (pitch, roll and throttle) the drone moves itself to the left.

how to make the drone stable, what should i set the PID?

Follow the PID tuning instructions on the documentation.

Is there a certain formula for setting the pid on the drone?

If there was a shortcut, I would have told you what is is.
There is no shortcut, read the tuning documentation and execute it step by step without skipping any step.
Lots of users skip steps, and then complain that it does not work, like you did above. Please do not be one of those :wink:

hahaha thanks for the advice bro :smile: